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Complete List of Services Offered By Low Cost Legal



Divorce is a process which occurs over a period of months.

It requires the proper preparation and timely filing of a series of documents until you receive your final divorce decree.  Sometimes upwards of 20 separate legal documents are required to complete a divorce.  We will be with you every step of the way



Whether it's for children born outside of marriage or as part of a divorce proceeding,  establishing a workable parenting plan is critical for the welfare of the children as the two parents move on with their lives.  We have many resources to help you determine which custody arrangement will work best for both you and your children.

Custody Modification

If you have an existing custody order it is possible to modify it.

In fact as the children get older and their needs change it is common to modify a previous order from an earlier time.


If physical custody goes from one parent to another then a new child support order will accompany the change in custody.

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Child Support

Child support payments are typically paid by the non-custodial parent to the parent who has primary care of the children.  The amount of child support is determined by state guidelines.  We prepare your child support worksheet which is just one of the many documents required for your divorce and/or custody case. 

Response to Summons

Sometimes your spouse or significant other beats you to the courthouse and you find yourself served with a summons. 


Not to worry. We will help prepare your response to the complaint and a counterclaim if necessary.  Unless it is an interstate case you will normally have 20 days to file your response or risk default. 


While most newborn and DCF adoptions must be done

by attorneys or adoption agencies, for grandparent, stepparent or family/relative adoptions, you have 

nonlawyer options that could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees while accomplishing

the exact same result.



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